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The Secret of the Colours 1

colors play an important role when selecting a bonsai pot.
The appearance of a tree can be considerably improved by a pot with a proper glaze color.

First you have to ask the question: what kind of tree do I have?

Is it deciduous or evergreen, a young or an old tree, feminine or masculine, bears it fruit, and what color is the flower etc. According to these criteria the pot is selected.
Here are some examples given for a green maple, a red maple, and for an oak.


You can even ask the question: suppose I have a shiny or matte glaze, which shape should be chosen? A convex shape, bowl shape, straight edge, rim with outward lip, inwards rim, or rim with s-shape?

What kind of feet should the pot have?  Cloud-shaped feet, cats, facial, nose, bridges, elephant, moon, connection, lion, thunder, or other kind of feet?

There are so many questions, a never-ending story!




Pots for a young green maple.


Pots for an old green maple.

Pots for a young red maple.


Pots for an old red maple.

Pots for a young oak.

Pots for an old oak.




In combination with flowering or fruit bearing bonsai you can choose glazes that are vivid and that have intense colours.

Here are some examples:


For an older tree or one that looks gnarly and wild, you can choose a vividly structured, patina-like glaze.


Trees that are more subtle and tranquil require a glaze with a calmer structure.





Here is an example of the secrets of color.

The shape of this pot is very old, it is still pottery.
I have this pot without a mould form, because they told me so much.
It is for an old white flowering azalea very good, so the upper lip of the bowl to the outside shows the strong Azalee Nebari have.
The white flowers fit well with the old-looking green glaze. The colors mean freshness and purity. The clouds feet emphasize the feminine character.

This pot, also from my pottery is unglazed and has at the top of a thunderclap meanders. The dark brown color and the thunder-meanderings make the pot masculine.
I now plant a white flowering azalea knows it, shows the white color of the flower extremely feminine.
It is incredible how now the pure virginal white of the delicate flower emerges.
Removes you have up to three or five flowers all the other flowers, there is an incredible feeling of tenderness and transience of the moment.
There is a feeling like the music you unfortunately can not



Translation: Heike van Gunst













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