Oh, this month of March...

It captures me again, flows through me. What kind of inner agitation is this?

A comfortable, regenerative, forward striving, cheerful agitation!

I stand in front of the little trees. Often in winter I stood in front of them and watched them in their winter rest.

I tried to understand them and feel out their calmness. But what about my winter rest, my regeneration, my abidance, to recover my strengh.

In my daily routine everything proceeded in the same way. I disregarded nature. The cold has not quieted me. There were no extended regenerative rest periods.

But now, in March, it captures me again, oh this delightful agitation. Where does this feeling come from, this certainty that in a few weeks, days everything will wake again, be alive and green.

I can already see the undescribably tender green of the Japanese maple and the gush of outward flowing leaves of the Japanese beech.

This gives us the courage to hold out, the strength to persist, to improve and to mature.

Oh, this month of March, those trees in their pots, still in their winter rest. But is it not just this moment, now and here.

Isn't this moment more valuable than spring itself?

This awaiting, desire, hope more delicious?

Isn't this the moment of maturity I seek?


 And if I understood all this, what would remain?

Oh, this month of March...

Translation by: Heike van Gunst