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Legends and Dreams

Legends and Dreams.
It was a great pleasure to make it, but while I was still working on it I asked myself: what kind of plant should be placed into such a pot?
Should we spend our time making something we do not need? I think I have created it just for its own sake. It was no question of  usefulness anymore but the pot itself wanted to be made, without any great meaning.
And here it is now, meaningless, but it gives us a lot of mental freedom to integrate it into the rooms we decorate and live in, to create a sphere in which we are comfortable.
There are no limits to phantasy, wether we use it as an Ikebana vase, plant pot or livingroom accessory, everything is possible and only the owner attaches importance to it, using it when he creates a room for himself in which he can give way to his uncensored dreams.

Diameter: 17,2 cm x 17,5 cm  - 2/1991

Translation: Heike van Gunst 

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