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My home is my castle

„ My Home is my Castle “


1000 Years of Herborn



The city at the bottom of the Westerwald is a jewel, enclosed by woods and meadows.


The castle in the green dress.



 Beauty and vibrancy, elements of high quality of life.  



View of the city with a fountain. 



Here the spirit of the city holds a conference 



Crest meander, reflection of old guilds.  



Half-timbered houses from five centuries tell old history.  



Cast in bronze, original characters of Herborn. 



Vibrancy in wood and colour. 



Inside, outside, all a unit.  



Between light and shadow, there is a flavor of espresso.  



Carved wood, an echo of ancient times. 



Corner and alley, hidden places suddenly become visible.   



„The High School“, once the academy of European intellectual life…   



… changed to a place of peace and sociality. 



„Wood buckles“ or, philosophically, „Time and wood interwoven, not falling, not standing, lose themselves in the eye of the viewer”.  



Trees and houses in harmony.






Renaissance and Baroque in the ornate wood carving.  



A jewel among all beauties. 



Exuberant architecture, standing like towers against the blue sky.



Here the fairy tales come to life …  



… who might live here?



… and who may scurry around this arcane corner at night in the light of the lantern? 



The buyer of this house found a jar filled with gold coins in the cellar floor during the restoration. In his gratitude he had a carved „money bugger“ attached to the house.


Photographs and text by Peter Krebs

Translation by Heike van Gunst



Here you can learn more about Herborn.

HERBORN: so bunt wie das Leben  

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