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A symphony is something harmonious or, more precisely, some instruments sounding harmonious together, which appeal more to our sense of hearing.

This pot is also harmonious, but it appeals more to our eyes. It is a symphony of shape, expression and the diverse floral motifs.


On one side of the pot two persons are pictured but I have no exact knowledge of their meaning. It might be a scholar sitting on the left, very relaxed, listening to a musician playing an instrument on the right side.

A picture of the persimmon, Chinese "Shih". The persimmon is often pictured along with other highly symbolic fruit and plants and can have a lot of different meanings depending on those.

The original pot is about one hundred years old and has a coloured glaze. It was great fun for me to copy this pot. I altered the shape a bit and omitted the coloured glaze which would have been impossible to copy.





Translation: Heike van Gunst


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